Why Life Part 1

Humans have a unique quality among earthly creatures. We seek answers to questions of existence. "Why life? Why am I here? Why is anything here? Why was I created? Why was anything created? Do I have a purpose? What is my purpose?"

Most of us start asking these questions at an early age, yet we remain unsatisfied by the answers provided by the people and institutions around us. Without the rudder of meaning to guide us, life becomes an empty pursuit of personal status and material wealth, of sensual gratification, of entertainment and distraction from boredom. It's not that any of these things in and of themselves are bad. However, if underneath these pursuits we have a sense of emptiness, then true happiness will remain elusive.


Why Life Part 2

In the previous segment, we talked about how God woos his beloved. We extolled the gifts of God to humanity. God has one more gift to Man. Yet this gift is dependent on our choice. We didn't choose to be born into God's creation, nor did we choose the gift of the intellect. But if we choose to turn toward God, we are promised an eternal existence in His Kingdom.


Why Life Part 3

It is said that the ultimate evidence for the authenticity of a Manifestation is the Manifestation Himself. In other words, the revelation that He brings is so evidently beyond the normal human realm, that only God Himself could be the source of His inspiration.

We can see that each Manifestation gave rise to a great civilization, inspiring artists, poets and musicians, enkindling a love and devotion of the people that is the envy of kings. But while they were alive, many of the Promised Ones were rejected by their own people.


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